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Leadgate Task Force (Run/Sponsored/Facilitated/Assisting/Promoting) Events

9th Jan 19

Volunteer Meeting

Come along and see if you would like to join or volunteer work

Golden Lion 7PM

13th Jan 19

Stomping Grounds

CIC Family Day in Watling Woods

 Watling Woods 12 - 3PM

15th Jan 19

Weekly Forest School

Watling Woods

5 - 7 PM

21st Jan 19

 Talk on Red Kites

Consett Fire Station

7 PM

24th Jan 19

Songwriting Talk

 By Steve Thompson

Steel Club Consett


21st Feb 19

The Battle of Stanhope

 By Steve Thompson

Steel Club Consett 7PM

22nd Feb 19

Street Blitz - Dunelm Way

Led by Karbon Homes


12 -3 PM

25th Feb 19

Talk by Land of Oak & Iron

Consett Fire Station


21st Mar 19

Talk on Steel Town

By Steve Thompson

Steel Club Consett 7PM

22nd Mar 19

Street Blitz - Pont Head Estate

Led by Karbon Homes


12 -3 PM

15th Apr 19

Leadgate Memories

Consett Fire Station



27th May 19

Fun Run

In Partnership with Catchgate & Anfield Plain Area Partnership


Details to follow

20th -30th Jun 19

2nd Derwent Valley LitFest

for details please visit



Can you help?

If you wish to help us in these events or would like further information about the events or Leadgate Task Force please contact our Chair by clicking on the link below

Richard Judd

Leadgate Task force is a small "not for profit organization " . The organization seeks to improve the village environment and in doing so will apply to other organizations and individuals to raise funds to achieve its stated aims.


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